Why Gong ?

The idea.

Back in end of 2015, I was in a cool restaurant at rue Montorgueil in Paris for lunch with an investor. He just told me « got a few thoughts to discuss, maybe some interesting topics… ». Which was kind of ironic, usually it’s entrepreneur presenting ideas to investors not the opposite.

We started around the subject about family time management and the main organisation issues of managing the family activities on a daily basis. For example, his son should be at his Judo course at 6pm after his last meeting at 4pm & his daughter has swimming lessons at 5.
Could we organise some common events with his friends & family in order to organise carpooling for example or just gather all these events in a central view somewhere ?

Back at the office I presented the problem to my business partner Jeff and we started to develop the concept.
After a few days thinking about it, we identified existing services within the family management sector, such as Shuddle (RIP.) in SF, and started a review of the market’s initial needs.
Family activity management is the « de facto » big issue to solve. However we weren’t convinced about the long-term usage of this kind of product, as it is a niche user market. 2nd point, we’re not parents yet.

WhatsApp & Messenger are hell.

Some weeks later, I was organising an aperitif with 3 friends and as usual, it was a huge mess. We started to speak on WhatsApp about where & when in our « bros channel », which drifted quickly to jokes & GIFs every 3 lines. In less than 10 min the conversation was off topic.

On the day of the event we returned to the original subject (the aperitif !), and some of us had completely forgotten the thing, others had forgotten where it was happening, & one of us wasn’t using WhatsApp anymore but was continuing the conversation in Facebook Messenger, demonstrating the massive possibility of conversation fracture across multiple apps & services !

Another example is where we stated a « holiday plan meeting » for a Sunday evening. Some missed the event organised on Messenger and had to join us quickly using Uber ($$) to come book their plane tickets with us.

WhatsApp & Messenger aren't so good in event management
WhatsApp & Messenger aren’t designed for event management

We came back the day after to the office with a need. An app that could help us manage app-less daily life events that are too small to go in Facebook Events & aren’t easy to manage through a classic iCal / Google Calendar.

That was also the same solution to my investor issue, as he could use such a tool to plan all his activities with his friends & family without having to call everybody or pollute his professional agenda.

The main idea behind Gong was now on the paper.

Gong isn’t a calendar, Gong isn’t a messenger. We’re both.

Gong will be soon ready on iOS, register now on our website to be informed when we’ll release it !


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